About Us

ABmirage is what we call a team of individuals driven by passion to make games. We are very new to the mobile gaming market so one might consider us to be newbie developers. But who knows, maybe one day… Remember Giordano Bruno? He also started small, but one day became world-famous for his wonderful ideas! That’s what we’re going for.

We may be small and young, but we’re ambitious. And we love what we do.

Let’s see how this mentality plays out! (Get it? =)

Featured Blog Post:

Measuring performance of Apple mobile devices

During the development of our first iOS title we inevitably came to a point of choosing which devices the game would run on. As many other developers we would like to let as many device owners to experience the game, as possible. But how do you decide upon which devices are capable and which aren't when it comes to adding special effects and expensive shaders aimed at improving players' experience? You could, of course purchase as many iPhones or iPads as you could get your hands on and test away,...

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