Run and Rock-it Kristie Released!

Our first iOS title is now available on the App Store! Get it now for free!

Run and Rock-it Kristie combines the excitement of unlocking new guitar solos with a “find a perfect route” platforming gameplay. 

Run and Rock-it Kristie Promo


The goal is simple — help Kristie, the main character of the game, get to the show to throw down a spectacular guitar performance, unique to each stage of the game. Of course the road to stardom is treacherous and filled with obstacles, hazards and enemies, so it won’t be a walk in the park! Run and Rock-it Kristie has a smooth learning curve and lets gamers of any age and experience pick the game up and play.


  • Looks good. Original world, artwork, characters and fluid animation.
  • Sounds cool. Each level comes with a unique guitar solo performed by Kristie, the main character. Those solos are awesome and completely original.
  • Fun to play. Fast-paced platforming action. Easy to learn, difficult to master.
  • A good game for kids. Kids and teens absolutely adore it! (rating 9+).
  • No “lives”, “energy”, “gems” or other artificial timer/currency gameplay barriers.
  • All upcoming add-ons are free for players who purchased the full version with a single in-app purchase.
  • Available worldwide in 14 languages.

Announcement Trailer | Promo

Extended Gameplay Trailer | Promo

Thank you for playing!

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